One the most challenging issues you can be face while working with or befriending someone with an enormous amount of nuances, is the chronic struggle of trying to keep your mouth shut.

So with that in mind, Dragon Network Productions is proud to announce the inevitable Art Camacho Celebrity Roasting Event, to be held at the Golden Dragon Restaurant in Los Angeles Chinatown, on Saturday September 23, 2017 at 5PM.

On this day friends, associates, and those annoyed with Art Camacho will gather at the restaurant for a nice dinner and to express their grievances with Art and point out what one pal described as "some very annoying stuff".

We are very happy to say that you are invited to join us for a fine dinner, laughs, and to witness the ever so anticipated brutal roasting.  If there was ever anyone walking around, just begging to be roasted, we all know it's Art Camacho, and his buddies are ready to light him up!

This event will be filled with Celebrity Roasters and Guests, as well as some of the finest talent in the business.  Bring an appetite, a camera, and be ready to laugh. If you are in the business, bring your head shot and take advantage of this great networking opportunity!

The cost to attend this once-in-a-lifetime Hollywood driven gala is just 40 dollars. Seating for this event will be limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Reserve your seat early and register using PayPal. Registration at the door is 55 dollars depending on available seating.

Art Camacho
Award Winning Director

Half Past Dead with Steven Seagal and Ja Rule
Presented by Dragons Network Productions LLC
That's it!  You just saved over 10%.  Thank you for your help and support!  We'll see you at the roast!
On the set of Gangland with Ice T
Gaurdian Angel with Cynthia Rothrock
Over 70 Films to His Credit!
Working with Don Wilson
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Complete the information below to get your tickets and reserve your seat for the event early.

Total Number of Seats:
Event Host:  Eric Lee
Event Coordinator:  Bob Herndon
Event Administration:  Lady Reed
Event Videographer: Kim Marra
Event Photographer: Frank Machi
Event Facilities: David Reed
Steve Watson
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While all celebrities have agreed to attend, individual celebrity attendence is contigent upon each celebrity's availability.
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